What if your customer only considers the price important?

I received the following question in my email box today:

“What if my customer only considers the price important? Are there any sales techniques to sell to customers like this? "

That is an interesting question!

First of all, you have to ask yourself if this person speaks the truth. If someone says "only the price is important", he would be satisfied with a bad product that does not meet expectations, as long as it is the cheapest. Can you imagine that this is the case? Only very rarely this would be the case, if ever.
If it should nevertheless be the case, you should not want to serve that customer, since you do not have any bad products. Then focus on customers for whom you are important, and who are important to you.

If a customer really only finds the price important and you are not the cheapest, focus on customers for whom you are important and who are important to you. Don't fight a fight that you can't win.

More likely, that customer means the price is very important. That means that, in addition to the price, there are other aspects that also count. In such a case, the scales 'price' and 'value' must be balanced in such a way that it becomes acceptable to both you and the customer. Because only when the scales are in balance, you can do sustainable business: both parties are satisfied with what they get and what they have to give.

You can balance out the scales of the balance in three ways:

  1. By offering more benefits or by presenting them in a more convincing way,
  2. By making a concession: Adjust your offer in a way that it becomes more acceptable to the customer, for example, other delivery conditions, some free products, or - if everything else fails as a last resort - a lower price,
  3. a combination of 1 and 2

They are not the easiest conversations to have: those with customers who are very focused on price. Yet there are some great techniques that can get you there in pretty good shape.

These techniques are discussed in my online sales training program “Economy”, and of course in in-company classroom style training courses. After the summer holidays, the following live interactive webinars are planned:

Other relevant modules are planned at a later stage, like “Handling resistance”, Investigating customer’s needs”, “Convincing”, Presenting the price”, etc.

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Paul Smulders

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