The Train 'n Gain micro-learning system:
also for your own organisation

Apply knowledge transfer with interactive live webinars and our micro-learning app in your own company.

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Organizations spend millions of euros on classroom training. The direct and indirect costs are enormous. Unfortunately, 90% of the knowledge disappears like a puff of smoke within three to five weeks.
With our concept, learning becomes more affordable and more effective.

Micro-learning in organisations

Many learning and development managers worry about the costs of classroom training. E-learning was "hot" for a while, but unfortunately doesn't work well, because user acceptance and usage is low. Busy professionals do not have time to make exercises on their computers. A lot of money thus goes down the drain.
Our innovative micro-learning concept is a huge improvement and makes learning attractive.

In contradiction to boring one-way communication webinars, we involve participants continuously in live webinars with lots of interactivity. The daily assignments and theory in our gamified app require just a few minutes per day and can be done any time, anywhere.

Learning becomes independent of place and time, and can be done at any device.

We can help you to implement this system in your company, with advice, systems and support.

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