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Train 'n Gain Economy is a hands-on online sales training. Forget everything you know about boring webinars that are one-way communication. The combination of monthly live webinars and the competition with other salespeople in our micro-learning app afterwards, makes learning fun, efficient and affordable.

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Online sales training methodology

If there's one thing that we have learned by delivering international sales training courses during 16 years, it is that you can't do it often enough.
We have been working on an innovative training program since 2012. This program makes it possible to train sales skills continuously and affordable. Our goal is to get the most out of the potential of salespeople. This unique online training program for salespeople makes this possible!
This online sales training can be attended as a standalone program. But it is also an important part of our blended training program. The follow-up to classroom sales training has never been more effective than this one.

The concept

The online program is based on two pillars:

  • Every month a live webinar, which covers an essential topic for sales professionals.
  • Immediately thereafter, this topic will be available on the smartphone or tablet with videos, questions, cases and theory on this topic.
"Train 'n Gain has a refreshing, very effective and pragmatic approach. As a result, techniques and concepts can be applied immediately!"Emiel Arts (Director / owner of Royal Grass)
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online sales training methodology

online sales training webinar


Have you ever participated in a webinar and have you already dropped out within 5 minutes? We do!
That's why we do it differently. Interactivity with the trainer and the other participants was central when we developed the programs.
Every month we deal with an essential subject that determines the success of sellers.

Participating in this Economy program means gaining access to the most advanced sales techniques and concepts, which are not offered anywhere else for such a limited investment.

We have deliberately opted for frequent webinars, which last about one hour. Every month, a webinar takes place at the beginning of the working day. As a result, they fit in well with busy agendas of salespeople.

"Great to see how the interactivity and dynamics of a classroom training come back in a live webinar"
Mark van Tilborg (Sales manager at Vetrotech Saint-Gobain)
"The combination of an inspiring webinar and a daily question or assignment in the app is the ideal mix for our salespeople. Our people immediately started to discuss this with each other, which is good, because it means they are engaged!Auke Jellema, Sales Manager at Liebherr Maritime Benelux BV

Missed a webinar?

Registered users can watch a webinar afterwards, because the webinars are recorded.

Experience it yourself!

Contact us if you want to experience a webinar yourself.

The webinar calendar


Micro-learning is hot! Traditional sales training overwwhelms participants with a large amount of learning matter at once, often for several days in a row. This is at the expense of concentration and therefore is much less effective. With microlearning, on the other hand, you get small learning bites at a time: every day, every week and every month. The daily exercises require less than 4 minutes. The result of this is that the learning matter is much better absorbed. This boosts the return on learning efforts.

How do we apply micro-learning in an online sales training?

Every week we publish a realistic sales challenge, which encourages the salesperson to demonstrate his or her creativity. The winning solution is announced every week through the app to all participants.
In addition to that, every month a new topic is made available in the microlearning app. This means that, during that month, you can practice on a daily basis with scenarios, video cases and assignments.
Each assignment comes with the relevant theory. Therefore the app functions as a cheat sheet for everything that is learned in the webinars.
The gamification enables participants to compete with colleagues and salespeople from other countries and industries. Currently, the app is bilingual: Dutch and English.
For the die-hards, of course, there is only one goal: to reach the number 1 position in the rankings!

The manager can have access to a management dashboard, to follow the learning efforts of his or her people.

"Every day meetings and bustle. But I need to give myself a good kick up the backside to really work with the app, as I find it a great tool!"
Eric de Leeuw van Weenen, Director of Business Development Vulkan USA

"Our sales people in Kenya use the microlearning app to polish their sales skills every day. They participate in the sales challenge every week and they love it!"Mark Janssens, Business Development Manager Kibo motorcycles

Try the micro-learning web app for free!

Try the app for free! It runs on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. With the free version you can do a few exercises of all subjects and participate weekly in the sales challenge.

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online sales training micro-learning

Participating in a live online sales training?

Salespeople can sign up immediately to brush up their sales skills at a fraction of the costs of conventional classroom training.

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Would you rather be trained face-to-face with online follow-up? We take participants out of their comfort zone with tailor made role-plays for an even higher ROI. Read more about our Professional training.