What is your closing attitude?

The best salespeople are 'closers'.

That doesn't mean that they will always try to conclude with getting the deal, but they will certainly try to get the maximum result to be able to take the next step in the sales cycle.

Some sales cycle are long, it could even be years, depending on the business you are in.

During that sales cycle, you will have various contacts with your customer. Of course, each contact should bring you closer to your ultimate goal: doing business.

Of course, your tone of voice is extremely important, you don't want to come across as intrusive.

Look at the image below.

If, at the end of the conversation, you say "thank you" and leave, you don't close at all. It's a lost opportunity and I would consider this 'weak'.

After all, you had that conversation because you wanted result and what is the result if you don't take any action?

However, if you ask for the deal, and you feel that you will not get it, because the customer is not yet ready, or because you haven't yet reached the end of the sales cycle, I would consider this 'hostile' By being too direct and aggressive, you might ruin the deal.

The best reaction is somewhere in-between: assertive to forceful.

Excellent closing questions that you could ask to make progress in a longer sales cycle, are for instance:

  • What do you think would be the next step to take?
  • What do you expect from me, which information do you require to make progress?
  • If I would confirm everything that we just discussed in an Email, what would then be your next step?
  • Who else should I talk to about this project?
  • When can we have a follow-up meeting to this?
  • Heb ik op basis van hetgeen ik u verteld heb uw interesse aangewakkerd?
    • Klant: :”Ja”. Jij: “Dat is fijn te horen! En wat spreekt u dan met name aan?
    • Klant: “Nee”. Jij: “Wat zou ik dan moeten doen om het voor u interessanter te maken?”
  • How can we move forward?

Don't be a 'weak' salesperson and get the maximum result from your sales conversations, to reduce the sales cycle time!