Understand your own communication style and that of others.

Discover the personal strengths and pitfalls in communication with others through this test with extensive reporting.

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This online test and its comprehensive reporting provide insight into communication styles. There are also special versions that reveal the sales style of salespeople or the leadership style of managers. In a workshop, training or webinar, all aspects of the DISC profile are explained.

The test that reveals the DISC profile.

Do you want to understand ...

  • why colleagues are on the same page with some people, and can't get along with others very well,
  • why a salesperson seamlessly builds rapport with one customer and isn't on good terms with the other customer. How can that be improved?
  • whether a new co-worker fits in the team.

This product gives all insights!

  • A personal online DISC test,
  • Extensive reporting,
  • A workshop, training or live interactive webinar that explains the DISC profile and improves communication issues.

DISC is a globally recognised test. It unveils communication- leadership- and sales styles. More than 1 million tests are done annually.

How do you take a DISC test?

A DISC test can be completely taken online in just 10 minutes. The result of this is a comprehensive report, describing the person's communication style. By taking such a test you immediately recognize why people in certain situations do not obtain the desired result from communication with others.

We can offer the test and reporting in any language.

"It's great to read the report about yourself. I recognise myself fully in the test results. They show characteristics that contribute to the fact that I have been persevering in this profession for 26 years."Robbie Griekspoor (Account Manager at Sigma Control)

The DISC test provides insight into aspects such as:

  • what does this person get energy from?
  • which communication styles of others this person has difficulties to deal with?
  • what are motivators and demotivators?
  • Which key aspects should this person be aware of in dealing with others?
  • how can colleagues and supervisor improve the communication with this person?
Special edition for salespeople or (team)leaders

We offer dedicated versions of the DISC test, that unveil the sales- or leadership style.

This enables salespeople or leaders to find the developmental aspects that will lead to be a more successful salesperson or leader.

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