Keep it simple

For years, companies have been creating elaborated business plans annually. They spend lots of time writing down their vision on the market, their competitive position, pricing strategies, marketing plans, sales targets, product launches, predicted financial results etc. In larger companies, Read More

Giving and receiving feedback

In business, we get feedback from other people almost every day. In many cases, we also give feedback. For instance, feedback that managers give their subordinates (or vice versa!), feedback between colleagues, and partners and customers. Unfortunately, in many cases... Read More

Positional or principled negotiation?

There are two kind of negotiators: positional and principled negotiators.

If you negotiate with someone that you want to do business with for a longer period, principled negotiation is a "must". Only when you negotiate about a one-time deal, you could consider negotiating positionally, but then still the question is whether you will get the best result.

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Conversation psychology

You can look at a conversation like looking at a house. Most of the time you stay on the ground floor, and sometimes you go upstairs. The ground floor of the conversation is where you talk about facts, details, features, specifications, requirements, expectations etc. This is where you talk about everything that is rational and factual.... Read More

Ask these 5 questions in the first meeting with a prospect.

Recently I trained a sales team at a company, and the customer told me that it was important that the salespeople would do a better qualification job at their prospects. They spent too much time with prospects that ultimately didn't yield enough potential. That time could be better spent ... Read More

The 1-10 closing technique

Closing 1-10

Many salespeople find it hard to close. You may have met different people from the decision making unit (DMU). You have demonstrated or presented your product. You have delivered samples. In this crucial final phase, it will be all the more important to ask for the deal, will the customer say "yes" or " No"? Read More