Ask these 5 questions in the first meeting with a prospect.

Recently I trained a sales team at a company, and the customer told me that it was important that the salespeople would do a better qualification job at their prospects. They spent too much time with prospects that ultimately didn't yield enough potential. That time could be better spent ... Read More

The 1-10 closing technique

Closing 1-10

Many salespeople find it hard to close. You may have met different people from the decision making unit (DMU). You have demonstrated or presented your product. You have delivered samples. In this crucial final phase, it will be all the more important to ask for the deal, will the customer say "yes" or " No"? Read More

To bid or not to bid?

We all have that customer that we are better off without. They might always want to negotiate the rock bottom price. Or they might always complain and require a lot of support.... Read More

Do contacts at C-level bring universal happiness?

Many sales people are convinced that they must establish relationships with their customers at the highest level. We do not share that view. At least: not completely. Of course, it may make sense to have good relationships at the decision making level... Read More

Does your mailbox stay empty as well?

If you have not heard about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), then you must have been living under a rock. In any case, you will have noticed that dozens of companies have emailed you how important your privacy is for them. All of a sudden... Read More