About us:
Train ’n Gain trains skills in a sustainable manner

supported by 37 years of sales experience, 27 years of experience in developing learning solutions and 17 years of training experience.


The idea: training can be more effective.

In 2012, Paul Smulders founded Train 'n Gain together with Lex van Sonderen. Their vision: training skills can be more effective by adding an online component. After all, in traditional classroom training, only a small part of the subject matter lingers. The solutions of Train 'n Gain take away this objection to a large extent.

Train 'n Gain works with a stand-by team of technical advisors, video actors and software developers. Today, a portfolio of approximately 700 short, realistic videos is available. They depict the do's and don'ts in realistic conversations between salesperson and customer or manager and employee in Dutch, English and German.
After a period of 'trial and error', a blended sales training and blended leadership training were introduced in 2017, which is second to none. The concept of microlearning contributes to this: frequent learning in small bytes, both in classroom style and online.

In March 2018 Paul became sole owner of Train 'n Gain BV.

Paul has has acquired considerable expertise as a trainer. Since 2002 he trains participants and teams of large and small companies all over the world. Paul has trained and trains in China, Singapore, Japan, India, the United States, Brazil and numerous countries in Europe. He has delivered well above 2,500 training days and more than 10,000 salesmen and managers have completed his training, and counting.

A big “Thank you” to Paul for his highly professional training courses and even more for his extremely good service to all participants, accompanied by his very motivating sense of humor.”

Dieter Klitzke, VULKAN Group Board Chief Sales and Marketing Officer / Geschäftsführer

“I started in sales with little experience and your training, intensive role-play – see yourself in the mirror – have proven to be very effective. 30% sales increase after our training session in the first year, 30% in the second year… “

Wouter Christiaens, a joined training course in Belgium (Carl Zeiss)

“The most impressive part of this training to me is the role-play section. In this section, Paul played the role of a conversation partner who came up with all different kinds of objections or negative responses.
This practice is very valuable and lots of fun, and more importantly, one could quickly find out what needs to be improved to make an efficient and fruitful conversation.”

Jian Li, joined a training course in Beijing, China (Springer)

“He is a very enthusiastic trainer, creating a good and informal atmosphere. What he is really best at is being a difficult and challenging conversation partner in the many role plays that his training contains.”

Wim Boiten, joined training courses in Heidelberg, Germany (Springer Verlag)

“Paul is one of kind. Extremely experienced in teaching and training people to higher achievements. Extremely (sales) driven, but never overbearing, determined with the ability to fine tune skills in experienced (sales) professionals.”

Frank Oddens, Entrepreneur, board member & investor

“I’ve attended Paul’s 2 days sales training, it’s rare to see all partecipants being so excited.
That’s thanks to Paul’s ability to capture and hold everyone’s attention with a great training program.
Compliments to his training skills, his enthusiasm and energy are contagious.”

Giulio Alberti VULKAN Italia

It is with great pride, that below we present a selection of the companies that in recent years had their best people trained in classroom-style by Paul, in English, German or Dutch.