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If you want to have success tomorrow, why would you train today with yesterday's training methodology?

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Traditional sales training courses only have a short-term effect. With our blended training program, we train salespeople every month, every week and every day.

Sales training with optimal ROI.

There is no doubt that the return on training investment increases when you train frequently. Top athletes wouldn't do it any other way!
Selling is top-class sport as well. But traditional sales training courses are expensive and inflexible. They are difficult to plan in the agendas of busy sales people. In addition to that, the indirect and hidden costs are huge. Besides that, the result doesn't last long: if there is no good follow-up, people forget about 80% of what they have learned within a month!
That is why we do things differently.

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online sales training

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online sales training

With Train 'n Gain Economy sellers train their skills completely online at an attractive price. The monthly interactive live webinars provide new insights on many essential sales topics.
Moreover, the micro-learning app immediately gives access to the corresponding exercises, videos, exercises and theory. To be the best, you have to deal with sellers from other countries and other industries.
In this way, every day a little bit of learning, just on the mobile phone, becomes reality.
Every month there is a new sales challenge, that stimulates the salesperson's creativity. And every month there is a winner.

"At Liebherr Maritime, we join the webinars every month and we take on the sales challenges on our iPhones.
The feedback from trainer and other participants clearly adds a lot of value to this product. "Jos Legierse (Managing Director Liebherr Maritime)
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online sales training

classroom sales training

blended open sales training

This program provides the optimal mix between classroom sales training and online strengthening.
Every month, participants from various companies will be trained half a day by an experienced sales trainer. Realistic role-plays help to uncover improvement issues. Sparring with peers from other companies give new insights and is highly appreciated by the participants.
Participating in the monthly webinars and using the micro-learning app make this complete program a unique learning experience. As a result, it will immediately lead to better sales results.

"Our sales people and myself are now trained every month and yet it takes little time. The webinars are very interactive and elaborate on the topic. With the app they compete against other sales people to reach the top of the leaderboard. All this results in a refreshing sales training concept!Lucien Kouwenhoven (Director / owner of Sigma Control)
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customised training for the entire sales team

A tailor-made sales training for the whole team enables us to adapt to the business and company-specific issues. The online deepening and the additional subjects that are being covered in the online program makes this training more complete than a traditional training could ever be.
You won't get long-term results by just sitting in a conference room for a few days. You get result by frequently learning and repeating. This program is one of a kind in this.

"We have done a tailor-made training with two groups. This was fully geared to what was going on in the company.
Afterwards, everyone used the app to anchor the learning matter. The users were very enthusiastic about this. I also noticed that the subject matter lingers much better if you spend a few minutes every day. "
Jack Boes (HR manager at DLF)
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customized sales training