Cialdini’s overtuigprincipes in verkoopgesprekken gebruiken

Robert Cialdini, hoogleraar psychologie aan de Arizona State University, beschreef in zijn boek “Influence, Science and Practice” hoe je zes overtuigprincipes kunt gebruiken om mensen te beïnvloeden. Dit werk was van grote waarde voor marketeers, die commercials maken, websites ontwerpen … Read More

Kun jij de uitdaging aan?

Train ‘n Gain breidt de functionaliteit van haar micro-learning app uit met zgn. ‘Uitdagingen’. Daarin leggen we een verkoopcasus voor en vragen om aan te geven wat volgens jou de beste actie is. Wat zeg je? Wat doe je? Wij gaan … Read More

Is mobile learning on your priority list?

For years, adult education took place in classroom settings in conference rooms only. But things have changed and will change even more rapidly in the future. Although multinationals have embraced e-learning long ago, many smaller companies have not even taken … Read More

De rollen bij je klant: NAMAT

Bij complexe verkooptrajecten en de meeste B-to-B verkooptrajecten, moeten we erachter zien te komen hoe de DMU eruit ziet. DMU is een afkorting van “Decision Making Unit” and bestaat uit een groep mensen binnen een bedrijf die de aankoopbeslissing nemen. … Read More

Sales statistics that you should take note of

We ran into this wonderful list of sales statistics, published by D. Disney. Every sales person should read this and benefit from this! On the phone, tone is 86% of our communication. Words we use are only 14% of our … Read More

11 things sales profs should stop doing immediately

I’ve trained 1000’s of sales people all over the planet and identified common mistakes that sales profs should stop making immediately. Here are the things that are important and “quick wins”: 1. Stop trivialising the importance of the subject line … Read More

How to handle objections

Every now an then, salespeople will have to cope with various kinds of resistance, like objections, pretexts and brush-offs. (Potential) customers will always raise objections during sales conversations. It is essential to handle these objections professionally, to be able to … Read More

To learn or to micro-learn?

A couple of days ago I talked to a friend of mine. He is an employee of a large governmental organisation. He complained about the e-learning that was offered to him by the L&D (Learning & Development) department of his … Read More

Why you should decline the coffee

I still remember one of the first sales lessons that I’ve learned. I was hired by Bourns, a company that produced and sold electronic components to the professional industry. My mentor was Vincent. Vincent was an experienced sales person. At … Read More