11 things sales profs should stop doing immediately

I’ve trained 1000’s of sales people all over the planet and identified common mistakes that sales profs should stop making immediately. Here are the things that are important and “quick wins”: Stop trivialising the importance of the subject line When … Read More

How to map out the DMU: BANT vs. NAMAT

Read my blog on Hubspot to find out how to map out the decision making unit (DMU). The well known BANT acronym (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) has been scrutinised by me and NAMAT is the successor. Check out my blog … Read More

How to handle objections

Sales people have to cope with various kinds of resistance, like objections, pretexts and brush-offs. (Potential) customers will always raise objections during sales conversations. It is essential to handle these objections professionally, to be able to come to a successful … Read More

To learn or to micro-learn?

A couple of days ago I talked to a friend of mine. He is an employee of a large governmental organisation. He complained about the e-learning that was offered to him by the L&D (Learning & Development) department of his … Read More

Why you should decline the coffee

I still remember one of the first sales lessons that I’ve learned. I was hired by Bourns, a company that produced and sold electronic components to the professional industry. My mentor was Vincent. Vincent was an experienced sales person. At … Read More

DISC: the different communication styles

Why it is important to understand the various communication styles. In business, it is essential to build rapport with people that we want to work with. Regardless of whether it is in sales, in teams at work or in private life, … Read More

7 ways to close the deal

Most sales people could easily double their revenue if they dared to close. We all know the feeling. We’ve had a great conversation with a potential customer and we say goodbye at the end. Without a concrete result, we don’t … Read More