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Our Story

“It always surprised me how much people forget after being trained” says Paul Smulders, who has been a trainer since 2002 and delivered sales and leadership training courses all over the world.
“In 2012 I got the idea to develop an e-learning system based on short videos of all kinds of conversations. I wanted to show bad and best practices of the same situation. I talked to Lex van Sonderen, a former colleague of mine, and we couldn’t agree quicker that this would be the system that the world had been waiting for.”
That was the birth of Train ‘n Gain.
“Our own learning journey took 4 years, with intermediate stops such as building our own e-learning platform from scratch and building SCORM modules, only to find our that this isn’t the way to go. The usage and acceptance of e-learning systems is low, HR people from big corporates told me time and time again.” Paul continues.
“In 2016 we decided to focus on micro-learning and started to develop our awesome micro-learning app. For legal contract reasons we had to wait until July 2017 before being able to introduce our blended training concept in all countries without any exception.
Today we have a unique proposition, which is the marriage between traditional training and modern online training with webinars and micro-learning to increase ROI of learning efforts.
I think we have really minimised the effect of the forgetting curve.”

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